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Re: i82365 and Cirrus Logic CL 6729

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 15:38:47 -0600, John Heim <johnheim@tds.net> wrote:
> At 03:02 AM 1/1/2005, you wrote:
> >What's the output of:  `dpkg -l | grep "pcmcia"`?
> Null. Nothing. In fact, 'dpkg -l' gives nothing. Keep in mind that I'm
> booting from a debian installer CD.
> I'm getting the error messages about being unable to load module i82365
> right after I select a language. Then it goes throug the hardware detection
> step and gives me the message again. And I can verify that 'modprobe
> -v  i82365' fails by opening a shell and typing the command myself.

Ok, are you trying to install Woody (aka Debian 3.0)?

I don't recall exactly but at some point of the Woody installation it
should ask about pcmcia support, anyway do you need to use the pcmcia
to complete the installation?

If isn't strictly necessary, you can complete it after the bare
installation. IIRC the boot floppy kernel, for space constraint, lack
HW support than a normal kernel...


P.S. keep the conversation on the list, you'll have more chances to
find people with more knowledge =)

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