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> jpollara@lawnchair.net wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > When I mount an NFS share I can't seem to write to it as any user...
> > Both the systems authenticate against the same ldap server so uid's and
> > gid's are all the same. My /etc/exports file looks like : 
> > /mnt/sda1/home/ (rw,no_root_squash)

this is bogus ... 

a machine should NOT re-export an imported resouce

lets say: 
	where HomeServer is the real machine with /home on it

	/home (rw,no_root_squash)

			if you do NOT want people to write, 
			change "rw"

			it'd probably be a good idea to remove
> > I mount the share from the client with the command :
> > mount -o rw -t nfs foo:/mnt/sda1/home /home

for "foo:/mnt/sda1/home"  

 	you should NOT mount a machine that mounts another machineB
	that mounts yet another daisy chained machineC

	PC:#  mount HomeServer:/home /home

even better, use automounter, but after the manual mounts works

specifying "-o rw" is worthless and pointless as the PC does not
control the remote rw permissions on HomeServer:/home

specifying "-t nfs" is redundant

> > When I try to write to /home it says permissions denied.

yoour "denied" probably is correct ....
	since foo:/mnt/sda1/home  is not a local resourse
	that is obviously "ro" from where-ever /mnt/sda1/home
	came from on machine foo

	- i'm assuming most PCs mount a local resource as /home
	and not under /mnt/sda1/home

PC:# touch  /home/anything
PC:anyUser> touch /home/somethingElse.txt

c ya

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