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Re: debsign problem

On 2004-12-30, Choy Kho Yee <khoyee@tf7.so-net.ne.jp> wrote:

>> Now signing changes and any dsc files...
>>  signfile dri-trunk-sid_2004.02.28-2.dsc Michel Daenzer
>> <daenzer@debian.org> gpg: skipped `Michel Daenzer
>> <daenzer@debian.org>': secret key not available gpg: [stdin]:
>> clearsign failed: secret key not available debsign: gpg error
>> occurred!  Aborting.... debuild: fatal error at line 787:
>> running debsign failed

And have you set up a GPG public/private key pair?

Get gpg working independently and then try again. You probably
want to (1) save ~/.gnupg if it exists, (2) run "gpg --gen-key".


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