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Re: imap-addressbook connect failure

Don Hayward wrote:

> We can't get to an address book on the imap server -- but we can login
> on that server and get our inbox.  The server is a Debian Linux
> system.  The client is PCPine on an XP Pro system.  The directory
> containing the addrbook is an smb mount.

> This setup was working until a recent upgrade from Woody to Sarge which
> brought in uw-imapd 2002edebian1-4 (as well as a samba upgrade, etc.)

Since the address book is on an SMB mount, most likely the upgrade of Samba,
not uw-imap, caused the problem.

Can you browse to the address book? Can you copy it from the SMB share to
somewhere on the client's disk? Can you open it from the SMB share in
Notepad or Wordpad?

> Below are relevant lines from pinedbg.txt.

I would suggest contacting the makers of PCPine and ask them what these logs
mean. They are the ones who can best explain them.

Alternatively, you could turn up the debug level of Samba and see if it logs
any errors, then post them here.


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