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imap-addressbook connect failure

We can't get to an address book on the imap server -- but we can login
on that server and get our inbox.  The server is a Debian Linux
system.  The client is PCPine on an XP Pro system.  The directory
containing the addrbook is an smb mount. This setup was working until
a recent upgrade from Woody to Sarge which brought in uw-imapd
2002edebian1-4 (as well as a samba upgrade, etc.)  Below are relevant
lines from pinedbg.txt.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

  ---- COMPOSER ----
IMAP 13:19:48 12/23 mm_log error: CREATE failed: Can't create /clientc/imap-addrbook: invalid name
- adrbk_open({server.domain.net/novalidate-cert}/clientc/imap-addrbook) -
Can't open remote addrbook {server.domain.net/novalidate-cert}/clientc/imap-addrbook, using local cached copy C:\Program Files\pine\.ab084802 readonly Address book imap-addrbook ({server.domain.net/novalidate-cert}/clientc/imap-addrbook) opened with 179 items
- adrbk_open(c:\addrbook) -
Address book c:\addrbook (c:\addrbook) opened with 132 items
- adrbk_open(c:\addrbok2) -
Address book old (c:\addrbok2) opened with 52 items

 ---- MAIL INDEX ----

 ---- INDEX MANAGER ----
MAIL_CMD: quit

    ---- QUIT SCREEN ----
Want_to read: y (121)
expunge_and_close: "INBOX"
IMAP 13:22:20 12/23 mm_notify bye: {server.domain.net:143/imap/tls/novalidate-cert/user="celliott"}INBOX: server.domain.net IMAP4rev1 server terminating connection
IMAP 13:22:20 12/23 mm_log babble: Winsock cleanup
- completely_done_with_adrbks -
about to end_tty_driver
goodnight_gracey finished

Don Hayward		don at mote.org

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