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Re: Using Debian as an Access Point?

Marcel Weber wrote:

Well most consumer access points are crap: I tried the following devices:


I for my part would recommend a decent access point WITHOUT any routing functions and a seperate router (best would be a linux box).

Overkill. Linksys WAP11 or similar. No routing, not brain dead. Can support WPA and wpa_supplicant can do the client side on Linux. Cheap, nothing to maintain (other than maybe the once-in-a-while firmware update for really odd-ball problems, rare anymore...), simple. Done.

There is a linux based wireless router from linksys, but I don't have any experiences with it. But I would expect that the community can improve the software.

Already done. Google. Numerous community and commercial options for that thing. Built-in VPN servers, better firewall, stuff like that.


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