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Re: Debian and Dell?

On Thursday 16 December 2004 2230, somebody named Kevin B. McCarty 
inscribed this message:
> The equivalent x86 tools are lilo or grub.  One thing you need to be
> aware of: the x86 BIOS is much dumber than OpenFirmware.  So if you use
> lilo, you must re-run the "/sbin/lilo" program every time the kernel
> location changes, even just the inode (e.g. by installing or upgrading a
> kernel image), otherwise you may find yourself unable to boot.  The
> Debian kernel packages do this automatically upon install / upgrade, but
> you should be aware of it if you compile your own kernel.
> I think grub gets around this limitation in some way, but I'm not
> completely sure as I don't use it.

The update-grub script maybe - it will generate a menu.1st for you based on 
the kernel images it finds in /boot.  It can be run automagically when 
installing a new kernel pretty easily - details in the man page so I won't 
reiterate them here.  I'm using it and it works quite nicely - switched to 
grub from lilo a couple months ago and personally like grub much 
better. :^)

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