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Re: howto know if raid is really working?

hi ya harland

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Harland Christofferson wrote:

> development:/etc# cat raidtab 
> raiddev /dev/md0
>         raid-level      1
>         nr-raid-disks   2
>         nr-spare-disks  0
>         chunk-size      4
>         persistent-superblock 1
>         device          /dev/hda
>         raid-disk       0
>         device          /dev/hdc
>         raid-disk       1

you need to use /dev/hda1   and /dev/hdc1

or whatever your corresponding partition is for your setup

/dev/hda1	/
/dev/hda2	/tmp
/dev/hda3	/var
/dev/hda5	/usr
/dev/hda6	swap
/dev/hda7	/home

.... gets extremely tiresome for creating /dev/md devices
     for sw raid

use google to find other raidtab examples for 
config with multiple partitions

c ya

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