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Re: Linux Router

Captain's Log, stardate Mon, 13 Dec 2004 14:11:46 -0600, from the fingers of Michael Madden came the words:
> Does anyone know of a decent Linux based router project out there?
> In the past I've used LRP (http://www.linuxrouter.org), but it
> looks like the project isn't maintained anymore.
> My requirements are pretty simple.  I want to route traffic from
> network A to network B and route traffice from network B to A.  I
> don't need firewalling, but would like IP forwarding and NAT.  Any
> recommendations?

Linux is capable of routing by default almost. All you need are two interfaces and linux. You can use iptables (or ipchains if you're using an old distro) to do this. Personally i prefer OpenBSD to do this because it's very compact etc but I've also used Debian Woody to do the same task.

The only problem i have with Linux's iptables as opposed to OpenBSD's PF is that iptables has an overwhelming amount of stuff it can do and you can easily break it. But it is, however, much more configurable. You can set them to just allow everything through and use NAT and IP Forwarding in the process.




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