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Re: K3b cannot burn iso image to dvd

Yves Grenier schrieb:
Stefan Strasser wrote:


I cannot burn a dvd with K3B. I am using sarge, and a few weeks ago, I

:-[ PERFORM OPC failed with SK=4h/ASC=44h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error

I get the same or similar error message, usually at about 96-98%.
back then I used kernel 2.6.8.
is this know to work for you or only 2.6.7?

I have not tested 2.6.8. I was trying to upgrade to 2.6.9 because of a gamma problem with chipset 855GM. For K3B, 2.6.7 works OK, but 2.6.9 fails.

Yves Grenier

so, could anyone who's more into kernel development please find out if this is a known issue or we should report it?
Yves, you have downgraded to 2.6.7 and it worked again, right?

Stefan Strasser

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