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Re: Debian retail kit?

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 04:57:24PM -0800, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions on what people would expect in a retail kit 
> for Debian, as I've been put in charge of pushing Debian in the shop I 
> work at.
> Right now, since we're concerned only with i386, I'm thinking a Sarge CD 
> set and a printed copy of the installation manual, all in a single 
> binder.  Sarge RC2 net-inst CDs have been selling with lukewarm 

Hi Paul,

When I was becoming more intereted in Debian, I printed the install
manaul and the debian refernce. I did it at Kinko's by giing them a PDF
which they easily printed and spiral bound. (B/W -- as color is a bit
beyond my means)

> reception at $9.50 for the CD by itself in an envelope, but I think I 
> can do better than that.  I haven't found anybody who sells boxed 
> Debian sets, and haven't seen any discussion in the archives this 
> decade about the topic.
> Target audience are more experienced Windows users looking for a way 
> out.
> So if anybody has any suggestions for what a small shop can put 
> together, or a distributor that sells Debian boxed sets, I'm looking to 
> hear from you.

Not sure if then is counter-productive: ubuntu cd's and knoppix. Live
cd's for try-before-you-buy(test you system).

Also, a list of *nix/debian useful commands?

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