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samba/pam/winbind username case

Hi all,

Not sure whether to turn to smb.conf, my pam config or
somewhere else to sort his one. Some pointers would be

I've got my debian terminal server authenticating from
an NT server. Very pleased. It's even creating home
directories on the debian machine with pam mk_homedir.

Glitch... the debian box now allows logins as both
JSMITH and jsmith, which is fine, except it sometimes
creates /home/JSMITH and /home/jsmith as two
*different* directories and the users say 'I logged in
but can't find my work'. I'll have 600 hundred lower
case accounts and probably eventually 600 duplicate
upper case accounts!

Can I restrict it to either or. Or let it know that it
doesn't need to assign a new dir for JSMITH if jsmith
already exists.

I've googled and read samba and pam manual.

Matt Johnson

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