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RE: Cloning a workstation

> From: Sarunas Burdulis [mailto:sarunas@nospam.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 9:31 AM
> I need to clone a workstation (which has some custom 
> configuration and 
> scripts added to otherwise basic Sarge/KDE) into another set of 
> absolutely identical hardware (Intel Pentium 4, IDE HD). Just 
> one clone, 
> not a massive install. What tools would you use? Easiest/quickest? 
> Machines are on an Ethernet, have CD/DVD and floppy drives.

There have been many great suggestions already.  Here are two more:

I have used mkCDRec (http://mkcdrec.ota.be). I unpack the tarball; cd
mkcdrec; make test; make  and answer a couple of prompts, then wait a while
(long while).  You might want to change the Config.sh, specifically
SCSIDEVICE, nad BURNCDR.  I think the image winds up in /home for some
reason.  Overall, it's not a perfect solution, but works well for me.

Also, I recently booted a new box (it has no CD, so I installed a minimal
system on a small partition using woody boot floppies) by copying over the
network.  I booted the system, partitioned, like the other system, copied
the filesystems over the network, and installed the bootloader.  To copy I
used something similar to:

ssh root@william 'tar -C / -clf - .' | tar -C /mnt/root -xvf -

The -l option to tar tells it to only copy files on the given parition.
The /mnt/root is the partiton on the local system where you want the file to
The syntax may be slightly off, I didn't write it down when I did it.

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