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Re: I don't want games!!!

Ian R. Meinzen wrote:

 I am currently running sarge with both KDE and Gnome installed. I'd
 like to remove the games from my system (*WAY* too much temptation
 for someone who is already far enough behind), but I noticed that the
 kde and gnome-desktop-environment packages depend on the games
 packages. Is there a way to force this dependency off? I'd hate to
 have a bunch of broken dpendencies lying around. Any help would be

And I'm the opposite to Peter.
I don't use KDE at all.
But then, I don't use most of Gnome either.
I just install what I want, they drag in their minimal dependencies on install, and that's all I carry.
From Gnome, all I need are abiword and gnumeric.
I've also installed all the relevant doc and plugin packs for both of them.
I use WDM for login, so I don't get the fluff from GDM, and the only games I have *had* to install is Xeyes.
I installed Xpenguins because I like it.


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