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Re: debmirror: cpu bound?

* Christian Convey:
> FYI, the local mirror currently has about 12GB of content.  I don't know
> whether or not that implies I should expect a very long period of
> CPU-boundedness for debmirror.

I don't know debmirror, but I use apt-move to maintain a local debian
mirror for my machines. I update three times a day (on a small 800MHz,
265MB VIA box) and it almost never takes more than twenty minutes to
rebuild all the Package files (which should be the only CPU-intensive
task involved in mirroring) after fetching new/updated packages. So I
think something on your side is definitely wrong.

If you are interested, I can post my apt-move.conf, but I think the
program and the example configuration is pretty self-explanatory. It
justs fetches all packages (filtering possible) from all mirrors in your
sources.list and generates a Debian-style directory structure which I
export via http.

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