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Re: Debian Installer Error

Im downloading the latest version of the installer now... But here are the replies below:

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 06:33:47PM +1300, Simon Buchanan wrote:

Hi There, Im using the latest debian installer (netinstall) to install and getting this error:

Debootstrap error, Couldn't download libnewt0.51.

Anyone seen this error before?

a) which version?

rc1 i think

b) did you have NIC installed?

yep... a 3com one.

c) was the rj45 plugged in?


d) was the little green light lit?

yep again...

e) when did this happen?

in the middle of the base install part

ad infinium.

Simon Buchanan

Tel: +64 21 348884
Eml: simon@networker.co.nz

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