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testing apt-get not upgrading

I'm running testing and apt-get wont upgrade quite a few packages.
I'm want to upgrade to mozilla-firefox and mozilla-thunderbird but these are being held back, along with quite a few other files.
I'm doing the standard apt-get update/upgrade.

If I do apt-get install mozilla-firefox it will install it but it is telling me it is going to remove a whole lot of packages like gnome and gnome-core. I do not want that, at least I think I don't.

If I try to apt-get install gnome, it tells me it can't becuase of other packages like gnome-office.

If I apt-get install gnome-office, it will upgrade but will remove gnome. How can installing gnome-office remove gnome ???
Is gnome, gnome-themes, gnome-core, etc no longer required ???

Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait until these dependencies are fixed. This doesn't happen on another machine I have at work but I think that is because gnome isn't installed.

Brendan Simon.

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