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Re: offlineimap, fastchecklite

Sam Watkins wrote:
> A while ago I wrote an ugly hack called "fastchecklite" to check for new mail
> on my imap account, and the other day I changed it to invoke offlineimap to
> sync my mail.  So now I have an "almost perfect" imap / mutt setup :) :) :)
> If anyone else would like to use my ugly hack, let me know and I'll clean it up
> a bit and mail you a copy.  If you want TLS / SASL support you can add it
> in yourself!
> There might be a non-ugly non-hacky existing solution to do this, anyone?

Well you could make it just be part of offlineimap so you have only one
IMAP server connection and it pulls new mail immediatly. I'd love to have

see shy jo

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