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Network fails for some tasks, reboot fixes

Twice in the past three days (since some apt-get upgrading) my
network connection (ethernet via wireless router) has stopped
working.  Not completely -- I can still connect to external news
servers and via ssh to my ISP, but SMTP connections (e.g. fetchmail)
and web connections time out.

It might seem port-related, but lsof shows no process owning (for
instance) port 80.  It might seem like a misconfigured ipchains, but
then why would rebooting fix the problem? 

I'm at a loss.

Debian Sarge, upgraded a few hours ago.

I tried downing eth0 and running dhclient, which didn't help.  I
tried rmmodding the natsemi module (for my Ethernet card) and
modprobing it, which also didn't help.

Nothing obviously useful in any of the logs.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Carl Fink             carl@fink.to        
Jabootu's Minister of Proofreading

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