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Re: Problem solved: Kodak DX6490 on Sarge/2.6/udev

My camera, an Olympus C3000z is supported perfectly under linux 
thanks to gtkam and the fine folks at gphoto2. However I don't want
to have to choose my camera based on gphoto2; so I simply bought a
Sandisk ImageMate 6 in 1. 

The cards show up as mass-storage devices; a little editing of /etc/fstab
and Bob's yer uncle. I like doing it this way as it's far simpler and a bit
more flexable.

On my system /etc/fstab looks like this:

# 6 in 1 Removable USB Card Reader
# Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB stick, also used for Compact Flash
# (Labeled CF 1/III)
/dev/sda1       /usbstick          vfat     noauto,user         0       0
# /dev/sdb1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user         0       0
# This one I know is for SmartMedia
#   (Labeled SM)
/dev/sdc1       /flash          vfat     noauto,user         0       0
# /dev/sdd1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user         0       0
# /dev/sde1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user          0       0   
# Nomad MP# player/ flash drive
/dev/sdf1       /nomad          vfat     noauto,user         0       0

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