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Re: Linux Gaming (Was: Full replacement of MS)

If you have nVidia. ATI, you're left in the cold. I bought a Transgaming subscription when they announced support for City of Heroes. It's not 3 months later and I've not played one second of City of Heroes. In fact I've not even made it to the login screen. I've complained about it several times and have gotten *no* answers to my problem.

I used to be a transgaming subscriber. I liked the fact that anybody could have CVS access to it but that if you wanted to support the project and have a right to vote you could give them some money each month.

However their stupid anti copy protection schemes pissed me off. Transgaming is trying to get everybody to believe that they are an open source, community oriented company that makes a product that just works. Well, they're not open source, community support has fallen a lot, and their product "sort of works", sometimes.

Here are the titles I managed to get working with cedega:
- warcraft 3
- civilization 3
- morrowind (random lockups)
- doom3
- gta: vice city (random lockups)
- counter-strike: condition zero (but steam wouldn't work for multiplayer)

Still the best game I've played so far in Linux is urban terror, a quake3 total conversion that feels a bit like counter-strike.

Also, I would like to mention dosbox which is very good for running old abandonware titles such as ascendency.


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