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Re: how to mount a windows 'share' under linux

will trillich wrote:

we'd like to automate backups from the office windo~1 box using rsync.
we can do it usnig samba and the ftp-like interface, but all timestamps
are lost this way (unless there's an option we've missed).

we googled for things like 'mount windows share under linux filesystem'
and get .exe downloadables and tutorials on the fhs...

isn't there some way to mount a windo~1 'share' as part of the linux
file system so that rsync can handle the transfers? maybe there's some string of keywords to 'apt-cache search' for?

if'n you could supply which M to RTF out of, it'd be muy helpful.
apperciative thanks in advance.

Their iz ate errers in these sentance.

man smbount

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