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Re: Why my KDE is so weak

Incoming from Lian Liming:
>      I am using debian ustable with kde 3.3. I wonder why my kde is so 
> weak. It oftern crashes.
>      I am not curious to know the reasons why my kde often crashes. I 
> just want to know when meeting such problems, how can i analyze the 
> problem. I am not familiar with the log system on Linux. When system 
> crashed, there should be some records on some log files. So which files 

First off, it's not a system crash if it's just kde & X Window
crashing.  If the system's not rebooting and remounting filesystems,
it's just one or two large apps (X, kdm, kde, ...) that are dying.

Most system logs are in /var/log.  In your $HOME directory, you may
also find ~/.xsession-errors

It might be helpful if you told us what your box is.  How much RAM,
disk, & etc.  A friend of mine was suffering mysterious crashes and
lockups until we gave up on the internal Winmodem.  Now, it's fine.
Lots of things can cause hiccups like this.

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