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Re: where are debian boot-messages logged?


Bram Mertens (<bram-mertens@linux.be>) wrote:

> On my desktop (running SuSE 8.2) the messages printed to tty1 when the
> machine is booting are stored in /var/log/boot.msg.  On my laptop I
> can't find any file in /var/log/ that contains these messages.

Debian Sarge and Sid also have a boot log daemon, but you have to switch
it on. Edit /etc/default/bootlogd. Maybe you also want to append the
boot parameter "quiet", which will supress kernel messages being
printed directly to a console. You can of course still read them using
dmesg. That way the information displayed at boot time will be reduced,
but the messages from hotplug about loading the modules will remain.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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