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Re: Partitioning hard drives

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 02:59, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Williams, Allen wrote:
> > I was going to respond to this thread mentioning the LVM, but this looks
> > like an excellent stragegy I haven't considered.  Have you ever used the
> > LVM to sort of accomplish the same thing by assigning extents?
>      To be honest, no.  No idea what the LVM is or what it offers so I can't 
> comment one way or the other.

aptitude search lvm

"The Linux Logical Volume Manager.  LVM
supports enterprise level volume management of disk and disk subsystems
by grouping arbitrary disks into volume groups. The total capacity of
volume groups can be allocated to logical volumes, which are accessed as
regular block devices."

Chris Lale <chrislale@untrammelled.co.uk>

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