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Re: print to a Windows machine's printer

michael(linux@networkingnewsletter.org.uk) is reported to have said:
> > On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:15:48 -0000 (GMT), michael
> > <linux@networkingnewsletter.org.uk> wrote:
> >> I've looked about for how to print from this Debian box to a printer (HP
> >> LaserJet-2100) hanging off a Windows (Win2000 I do believe) box for
> >> which
> >> I have no admin rights. I found that ''samba'' seems the way to go. The
> >> Samba web pages (http://kr.samba.org) seem to imply that the server (the
> >> Win2K box) has to have Samba installed too - is this correct? And how
> >> (in)secure is Samba? Is there a better way?
> >
> > How insecure => as insecure as you want to be. Don't run samba on a
> > public IP (or any windows-based network for one thing).
> >
> > You need the samba server installed on your server hosting the printer
> > IF you don't have windows there. If there's windows on that server
> > already there's no point in installing samba there :D On the other
> > hand, you'd need the samba client on your workstation for it to see
> > your windows based printer.
> >
> > Of course, a better way would be to use native IPP (ala CUPS). I'm not
> > sure though if MS still bundles a broken IPP implementation though.
> Answering Paola's & Christian's emails together:
> Clarification: I sit at a Debian box & the printer is on a Windows box.
> 1) are you saying "dump samba and use only CUPS" (or saying that CUPS
> requires Samba?)
> 2) when I try and connect from my Linux box to the Windows machine using
> 'smbclient -L' I get a ''connection refused'' error
> 3) I can access the printer on the Windows box from my WinXP - so I
> presume that means it is shared?

Getting in this late but...  I have a connection from Debian to a
printer in my wife's WinMe box.  I use CUPS  with the 'Device" as 
"Windows Printer via SAMBA" and is works great and was a cinch to

I have a home network, using Samba, and also a firewall, to protect
it from the outside.  I've never had a problem with this setup.

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)
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