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Re: why debian

On 14 Nov 2004, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Mark Crean wrote:
> >Debian must be fantastic as a server OS (though I've never had trouble 
> >in three and a half years with SuSE for httpd, ftp, mail, so far) but it 
> >seems too rough on the desktop, lacking in polish and with the Debian 
> >system of commands in many ways more complicated than the rpm and 
> >YaST-based stuff on SuSE (which can also now be set up for the apt 
> >system).
>     I don't think this is the case any longer.  Just yesterday I installed 
> Debian on my Dell laptop using the bootable ISO for Woody.  Compared to the 
> last time I did a similar install (2+ years ago) using floppies it was a 
> large improvement.  I didn't have to configure sound, it worked.  Didn't 
> have to configure the dock's network card, that worked too.  Didn't have to 
> configure X, pretty much everything there was autodetected.  In fact I 
> screwed it up by presuming the autodetection wouldn't work and only got it 
> functional when I just let it autodetect.  Those were the three major 
> hurdles from times past.


I'd echo this. I installed Sarge on my IBM Thinkpad R40e last  week,
using the Debian-installer ISO. Everything has worked out of the box,
including X, wireless link to router, and sound. I then used apt-get to
install aptitude and carried on from there to fetch  whatever else I

I don't use KDE or Gnome but I've no reason to suppose that they
wouldn't have worked equally well.

The  whole thing was almost painless and I don't see how the
installation could have been much easier.


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