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Re: Upgrading to sarge

On Friday 12 November 2004 09:48 am, Ed Curtis wrote:
> Just want to know if I'm following the correct path here. I set up a
> mirror test system to see if I could accomplish this correctly before
> attempting it on my production server. I currently run Woody. I ran
> apt-get update then apt-get upgrade to make sure my system was up to
> date. I then changed all instances of "stable" to "sarge" in my
> sources.list and then ran apt-get dist-upgrade. It shows that I have
> 221 packages to upgrade, 95 new, 2 to remove.
>  Am I on the correct path to Sarge here?
> Thanks,
> Ed

That should work, though I think dselect or aptitude will resolve 
depends better, imho.
Greg C. Madden

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