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Re: Re: Re: nvidia driver "disappeared" - SOLVED

> Right-- you need to install the nvidia-glx package too. 
That indeed was the problem.  The part I can't understand is how nvidia-glx 
got uninstalled.  As far as I can tell, it somehow got removed by a recent 
dist-upgrade, but I don't really understand that either, because I don't have 
any packages that conflict with it.  Maybe it got bumped to a newer version 
that required versions of libs that were (transiently) not yet available, and 
so it was removed.  Someone with more apt-guruhood might know if this 
explanation makes sense.

> If that doesn't 
> solve your problem, then maybe the HOWTO at 
> http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debian-nVidia/index.html will help.

I've used your HOWTO ever since I first tried a 2.6 kernel, and it has been 
enormously helpful - thank you very much!  It just never dawned on me that 
nvidia-glx could have gotten uninstalled without me realizing it.  Also, it 
didn't dawn on me at first that you were the same person who wrote the howto 
(a case of "hmm, that name seems vaguely familiar...").

Anyway, you've saved me from another evening of my six-year-old daughter being 
upset about not being able to play Tuxracer.

David Bruce

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