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Re: Bug#237377: unsure if I am suffering the same tihng

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On Saturday, 06.11.2004 at 01:53 +1000, Adam Conrad wrote:

> > FWIW, for me, a manual '/etc/init.d/apache reload' *does* cause the
> > problem too.  My difficulty therefore reduces completely to be
> > "/etc/init.d/apache reload makes Apache die".
> > 
> > Apache is version 1.3.26-0woody5 and included PHP support (version
> > 4.1.2-7.0.1) - on a Woody system.  Problem started happening at the
> > same date as Jon has indicated.
> Hrm.  Looking back through DSAs, the only thing even remotely related
> that was updated around that time was libpng{,3}.  Do you have php4-gd
> (or php4-gd2) loaded, by any chance, or perhaps some other apache
> module that might be loading libpng?  Does downgrading all relevant
> libpng packages to the previous vulnerable versions help (or disabling
> php4-gd)?  If not, the date seems to be a bit of a red herring, as
> nothing directly related to apache or PHP was updated in Woody around

Noticed the libgd2 and libgd1 security updates this morning and, given
what you mentioned above, tried to see if this changed things regarding
the Apache reload problem.

Nope, same behaviour - '/etc/init.d/apache reload' still causes Apache
to die.

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