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how-to set print margins in cups

Hi everybody,

First: Cups is wonderful!

After having sucessfully set up my printer to be shared over the network
and later printing at work to a windows network printer, which all
worked wonderfully and was suprisingly easy - I am now somewhat stuck.

I am unable to set the print margins for my HP Deskjet 5560 at home. The
printout is too far to the right and I seem unable to change this.

What I did is:
-print over xpp, where I can set something like "text margins"

-in: /etc/cups/lpoptions
set page-top=6

-in: /etc/cups/ppd/
set my printer ppd file for
*HWMargins: 18 36 18 9

and after a /etc/init.d/cups restart ... nothing had changed ...

Now I am stuck and help is much appreciated

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