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Re: Re: when sarge will be released?( install 14 Cd's)?

I think the best way ( I am using it!! ) is:

creat  a web server on ayour or another  machine , you put all your CD's  in a directory
say /var/www/Debian, ( I assume that your default web is in /var/www, the address of the serveur is,

now go to /var/www and run the command dpkg-scanpackages Debian /dev/null | gzip > Debian/Packages.gz

To use it from any machine in /etc/apt/sources.list you put this line: deb Debian/ don't forget the / at the end of Debian

Of course you can use ftp server instead of web server

here is my config:
I put all debian packages in 2 machines , and a directory  ( Misc )
to store other packages which are not
on debian sites

deb Debian/
deb debs/
deb Misc/

best regards , I hope this helps you

"sorry my doubt is i have sarge cds
i already have woody on the machine so how do i go about"

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