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Re: missing files in install cd - built using jigdo

tom midgley wrote:
I built an iso, using 'http://non-us.cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/3.0_r2/jigdo/i386/woody-i386-7.jigdo'.

The installer gave the the following message  :
"The installation program couldn't find any directory containing the files rescue.bin, drivers.tgz"
- it was right, they weren't on the CD.

On ungzipping the .jigdo file they weren't listed in there either. Presumably they weren't on the iso from which the .jigdo was built.
This is similar to Bug#221266
So it looks as if there is an iso build script somewhere which misses these files.

I don't think so. They belong on disc 1 along with the installer, not on disc 7.


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