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permissions problems in ssh session as root (WAS: apt-get install and upgrade errors)

#hi, bela,

#thanks for your reply. as a sanity check, i made sure that as root to run `apt-get upgrade` from root directory (/). same problem.

#looking further, it seems the problem may have to do with root permissions problems, and not with apt-get or dpkg at all. logged in as root on ssh, i cannot `touch` a test file to /usr/bin/ directory:

touch: creating '/usr/bin/testFile': Permission denied

#this, although root is directory owner with rwxr-xr-x rights on the directory. this apt-get effort is the first maintenance i've tried since taking over this machine, and the former admin says he's never seen this problem before, and that ssh-ing into the machine should not be causing these problems (he did all his maintenance via ssh). i rebooted the machine, but that hasn't straightened the problem out (we thought some process might have locked the directory or binary that the upgrade was trying to replace)

#any ideas?

#apart from trying these commands at the machine console, i can't think of anything else to try; and if anybody has any suggestions about why this is happening or how i might be able to straighten it out, i'd really appreciate the help.


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