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Re: gpg and outlook 2002

OK, so I have figured (I think) how I am supposed to decrypt in Outlook
but it still does not work.  I forwarded the message from Outlook back
to linux and was able to decrypt in Thunderbird with no problem.

From linux I did a

gpg --export  > key.txt

I sent this to my Windows machine.

In windows I did

gpg --import > key.txt

Now the key shows up when I

gpg --list-keys

If I gpg -d file.txt 

I get

decryption failed: secret key not available

What have I done improperly?


> Can someone tell me the steps and programs needed to 
> descrypt gpg encrpyted messages in outlook 2002?
> I installed the g-data plugin and have a gpg-key management
> menu under tools in outlook.  I also have gpg setup in linux
> and have sucessfully encrypted and decrypted files using
> gpg.
> I am not sure where to go from here.  I have a passphrase setup
> in linux but am not sure what gpg command I need to create a
> certificate to send so that I can have a key in outlook.
> Also, it does not appear that I have anyway to decrypt the message
> in outlook?  How do I decrypt a message in outlook or should it
> do it automatically once I send myself the key?
> Lance
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