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Re: character fonts in Bash terminal

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 09:25 -0500, jwyman wrote:
> Sarge installed.  Kernel 2.4  I clicked Ctrl-Alt-F1 and am working in 
> terminal console.  I am not in X.  Here is my problem.
> 1) While using ls command, my directories and files are all white and 
> not color coded like they're supposed to be.  How do I enable this 
> feature to get them to their respective colors?

ls --color=auto

there are aliases commented out in your .bashrc file. i would suggest
uncommenting those. then, since virtual consoles are processed as a
login shell .bash_profile will be sourced. you also want .bashrc
sourced, and there is an 'if' statement commented out in
your .bash_profile that sources .bashrc. uncomment that and relogin.

> 2) The font size of my character set is too big (like ms-dos) and looks 
> unclean.  I want the character set smaller and cleaner looking.  How 
> would I enable this?  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

i believe this has to do with framebuffers and the like, ive never
changed mine from 80x25 characters. (i use X)

-matt zagrabelny

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