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Re: HardWare: wireless router for Debian ?

Thanks for your answers.

Cameron Hutchison wrote:
Once upon a time Jerome BENOIT said...

I am envisaging to buy a (cheap) wireless router (at least b compatible)
which can run (Debian) Linux ?

I have two Linksys WRT54G's. They run Linux but by default you wouldn't
know since they are configured through web pages. I have since flashed
them with OpenWRT (openwrt.org) and now they're basically a command line
linux system, using standard networking, firewalling and traffic shaping

There is a large amount of activity around them (probably more so than
any other wireless router). There also seem to be a bunch of compatible
models from other manufacturers (well, OpenWRT runs of a bunch - check
out the forums on the website).

There are two models - WRT54G and WRT54GS. The 54GS has an extra 4MiB of
flash ram (8MiB instead of 4MiB on the 54G), and also has some speed
boost mode I think (where you need another linksys product at the other
end and it uses more spectrum to achieve 108MB/s). If you want to load
more software, the 54GS will be better, but I find the 54G suitable for
my needs. The 54G will be cheaper.

No wireless router is going to run Debian - it's simply too large for
such an environment. OpenWRT does have a command to install packages
from repositories on the net, though (so you can run "ipkg install
dropbear" to install dropbear [ a small ssh server ] )

My aim is merely to be able to personnalized the box:
so if I can easily do that on my Debain box, this is ok.

Thanks again,

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