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Re: Install Version 1.2

Gary Leckey Sr wrote:

I purchased a cd from Debian on the web. It is version 1.2 Intel. Open Circulation Edition.

Um, no, you did not purchase "a cd from Debian". It looks like you purchased a cd from Xandros, which is based on Debian. Debian is the "pure thing"; vendors such as Xandros take Debian and reshape it into a nice consumer-oriented package.

The p.c. I'm installing onto is: CPU cyrix mediaGXm-S, CPU Clock 266mz, 128 memory, Display ega/vga. I changed the bootup to start from cdrom, and it installed. I followed the info from the web page aboutdebian.com. My problem is when I remove the cd per instructions before the p.c. reboots, but after the p.c. does it boot check it displays the line:
Verifying DMI Poll Date...
then the screen displays 01 01 01 01 01 across the page and keeps scrolling pages down.

This is indicative of a problem with LILO.

I tried reinstall five times no luck.
I even tried when reinstalling and got the first window screen and pressed the SHIFT KEY , and got the boot choice of run linux, security panel or something like that, and maintance? but when it runs the code in the dos screen some things not found or error.

Since this is Xandros, I'm not familiar with this "dos screen" you mention. You'll have to be more explicit as to what you're seeing, and what errors are generated. (Actually, you should be seeking out a Xandros list rather than a Debian list, but with the proper information provided by you, we might can help you get your machine working.)

If you can get into a "dos screen" (eek! Very wrong terminology!; try "command line" or "terminal" or "console"; "console" is likely the most correct term for what you're seeing, but not knowing exactly what you're seeing, that's just a guess) ... if you can get into a console, where you can type things, that's most excellent; we can help from there. If not, you'll have to be more explicit as to what you're seeing.


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