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Re: delete news messages in thunderbird?

On 11/02/2004 12:00 PM, Matt Price wrote:
hey folks,

My mailbox has been congested so I'm trying out reading newsgroups via
gmane & thunderbird rather than getting themessagges mailed to me
directly.   Mostly this is pretty good, but I'd loveto be able to
delete threads I don't care about from thunderbird's display.  I
figure there must be some way to do this, right?  But I don't see the
delete option anywhere when I'm browsing mail groups.  I assume I'm
missing something basic, & thunderbird help is nonexistant... ...

thanks forthe help,


I also read this list as newsgroup linux.debian.user using thunderbird.

You can't "delete" a thread, because you're not the thread author. You can mark the thread "Read" quickly with the "t" or "r" key.

So when I read this list, the first unread message header is highlighted by thunderbird when I hit "Get messages for Account." Then "t" will mark the message or thread "read" if I don't want to read it. The arrows keys let you navigate a thread before or after opening it as well.

Matt, the keyboard shortcuts are clearly noted in the pull-down menus. If you need more help, the pull-down menu "Help -> Thunderbird Help" takes you directly to Mozilla Thunderbird Help, http://texturizer.net/thunderbird/

Maybe you can tell I really like this puppy!


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