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Re: Setting samplerate on /dev/dsp

um... From what i gather the kernel has no support for either Alsa and
OSS (its a very stripped down kernel, only the basics) , all i am doing
is reading and writing raw data from sound card to harddisk using "dd
if=/dev/dsp of=/dev/hda2". 

(running arecord just told me that i have no soundcards installed (which
makes sense as i dont have alsa installed) )

P.S can any replies to this topic be Cc'd to me as i am not subscribed
to the debian-user lists anymore, thanks....

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 12:57, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> ognjen Bezanov wrote:
> > Hi all, while not technically debian related it has something to do with
> > linux.
> > 
> > I want to capture data from my /dev/dsp device but the devices defaults
> > are 8bit mono sound, i want to know how to set the samplerate and
> > mono/stereo from the command line, a google search showed me only how to
> > do it in C++ (using ioctl). is it possible?
> > 
> > if not is there are program out there which would let me set the
> > samplerate before capture?
> If you're using ALSA, the arecord command from the alsa-utils package 
> should do the job.
> Ben.

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