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Re: raid

Huston wrote:

okay here is my problem...I installed a software Raid-5 on mybox last night. Here is what I did. I downloaded and installed raidtools2 and mdadm. Do I need both? Next I wrote my raidtab file. Here is what it looked like: raiddev /dev/md0
        raid-level      5
        nr-raid-disks   3
        nr-spare-disks  0
        persistent-superblock 1
        parity-algorithm        left-symmetric
        chunk-size      32
        device          /dev/sda3
        raid-disk       0
        device          /dev/sdb1
        raid-disk       1
        device          /dev/sdc1
        raid-disk       2
I placed this in the /etc/ directory. I typed the command: mkraid/dev/md0

It proceeded to start copying data across the 3 drives. I received no errors during this process. I let the machine run for a while. Should I have received a message when it was completed? I then went back and logged out of root and was going to log in and do a normal shutdown. It would not let me log back in. It would not let me do anything. I powered it down by the power button, and when I restarted, I get the error "Fast Data Access MMU missing", and it won't go any farther. Can anybody give me an idea of what happened? Do I need to make the drives look identical partition wise with Linux/swap size or do I need to make them Linux raid auto, or LVM Linux? Do I need to install the raid-5 drivers at the start of the system install, or is that useless in my case? System specs: Sun Enterprise 250
512 ram
dual sparc2 400's
4 18 gig hard drives
Installing deb woody kernel.

Here is how I would have done it

fdisk all disks you need for raid 5
set the type to fd (raid auto detect)
mdadm -Cv /dev/md0 -n3 -l5 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1

the same for all your arrays..... /dev/md1 /dev/md2 (with the right devices names)

Please keep in mind that your /boot need NOT to be raid 5, but raid 1 or no raid (I prefer raid1)


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