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Re: Mondo has legal problems?

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 11:27 +0000, Anders Karlsson wrote:
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> ZOGRBIC@bouyguestelecom.fr wrote:
> | *** Found this while looking for info about Mondo:
> | http://www.mondorescue.org
> |
> | I don't remember having heard about it. Anybody has more info about what's
> | happening?
> |
> | Cheers,
> | Zoran.
> No details as of yet, but I have fired off an e-mail to the address
> given on mondorescue.org. Not quite using the wording given on the
> webpage, but still requesting action to be dropped. I questioned the
> fact there was no press items relating to the action, so I hope to hear
> back with something from FastServers.net as to why they are hassling a
> mondo developer.

What did Ray Sanders or Travis Schaffner allegedly do to the other?

Before firing off an email requesting action to be dropped, it
would be useful to know the background.

It's irresponsible of the Mondo project to make such a request 
without providing any reason or details.

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