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Is there a quick how to available to get evms to load root from an evms volume? I have searched high and low and found none. I have installed sarge 10/27/04 netinstall then debootstrap to the array

I have an intel MB S875Wp1-E
/boot = /dev/md0

/ = /dev/evms/root

I have the array?s setup and debian is installed. I can boot from an ide drive and chroot in all is well.

I have tried to use the sample initrd image that is on the EVMS site. Edit grub and get to evms_activate, and get an unknown file error becaust it does not recognize the sata drives. I tried recompiling the kernel (I am using 2.6.9) but can?t get the drivers right. I read the linuxrc scripts that are installed to /usr/shar/initrd-tools, this would insinuate that there is a way to config mkinitrd to create an iniitrd image the debian way. But I get lost in the process.
If anyone can provide pointers, I would be grateful!


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