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question relating to speakers and my soundcard

I don't know if this related to linux, but my sound only works if I plug 
headphones or a really old pair of unpowered speakers into the jack.  
The old speakers are really faint, which I gues is why now they all have 
pwoered.  My question is, what is the difference between these old 
working speakers and my new non-working Boston Akustic speakers?  The 
newer speakers do work fine on another computer with a different 
soundcard.If I have to get new speakers, what specific kind do I need 
which will work with this s1370 soundcard?  The newer speakers work on a 
sbpci 64d, which I believe is a 1373 chipset.  I can't confirm the 
chipset on that, it's still a winblows machine.

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