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Re: my fan is out of control

On Monday 01 November 2004 01:34, Rui Silva wrote:
> on KDE there's an application that control several things from vaio
> computers. i don't know if there's something like it for gnome.
> under de KDE control center -> System Administration -> Sony Vaio Laptop.
> I don't know if this solve your problem, but it's worth to try.
> there must be an app that control the fan. when I recompiled the kernel, I
> remember to see something regarding that. since pentium mobile processors
> can be more or less powerfull depending of the use (I don't remeber the
> technical term for that). if your using a generic kernel, you should think
> about recompiling your kernel to your machine. If you need help for that
> just ask...
I'd remember the name : CPU Frequency scaling. the less the frequency, the 
less rpm the fan does..

> On Monday 01 November 2004 01:19, Cesar Muñoz Palomino wrote:
> > With my computer, when it is turned on, there will be a loud whirring
> > noise during the BIOS loading and when Windows starts loading. But when i
> > get to the login screen for Windows, the whirring stops. While running
> > linux (Debian, Red Hat, Suse, Knoppic, etc), however, the whirring never
> > stops and continues until i shut off the computer.
> >
> > The whirring noise i later found was the fan. Does anybody know how to
> > remedy this problem? Thank you!
> >
> > My computer is Sony Vaio DESKTOP.

Rui Silva
Debian GNU/Linux

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