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Re: my fan is out of control

on KDE there's an application that control several things from vaio computers. 
i don't know if there's something like it for gnome.

under de KDE control center -> System Administration -> Sony Vaio Laptop.

I don't know if this solve your problem, but it's worth to try.

there must be an app that control the fan. when I recompiled the kernel, I 
remember to see something regarding that. since pentium mobile processors can 
be more or less powerfull depending of the use (I don't remeber the technical 
term for that). if your using a generic kernel, you should think about 
recompiling your kernel to your machine. If you need help for that just 

On Monday 01 November 2004 01:19, Cesar Muñoz Palomino wrote:
> With my computer, when it is turned on, there will be a loud whirring noise
> during the BIOS loading and when Windows starts loading. But when i get to
> the login screen for Windows, the whirring stops. While running linux
> (Debian, Red Hat, Suse, Knoppic, etc), however, the whirring never stops
> and continues until i shut off the computer.
> The whirring noise i later found was the fan. Does anybody know how to
> remedy this problem? Thank you!
> My computer is Sony Vaio DESKTOP.

Rui Silva
Debian GNU/Linux

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