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Re: Why are company's not certifying Debian? - raid

Wim De Smet <kromagg@gmail.com> said on Sun, 31 Oct 2004 12:05:42 +0100:
> On Sun, 31 Oct 2004 12:55:54 +1100, Tim Connors
> <tconnors+linuxdebianuser1099187651@astro.swin.edu.au> wrote:
> > Get a proper client. That's what the References and In-reply-to
> > headers are for. If your client doesn't use it, it's non compliant
> > with the RFCs and broken. Oh, and most likely to break other clients
> > which *are* compliant.
> > 
> > Fscking google and Outlook with their braindead implementation of the
> > standards.
> I'll be sure to file a bugreport, but in the meantime please don't

While you're there, remind them that for google groups 2, not
including the references headers, and/or not updating them to actually
make them accurate, breaks the 90% of readers out there that do obey
the standard.

> change subject lines if there is no good reason for it. I believe this
> is just common sense. Especially in the case of this discussion where
> the subject change didn't really have much to do with a shift in the
> subject of the conversation.

But the subject did have to do with raid.

If you don't change the subject to appropriate to the topic at hand,
then you piss off people who don't want to read about the new topic,
but were interested in what the subject puports to talk about, and you
miss audience who would be interested in the new topic.

If you are interested in responses directly to yours (and this is the
reason why you object to subject line changes), you can then score
positively on responses including your message-id format within the
last n entries in the references header.

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