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Re: Ctrl+U in Firefox location bar

David P James wrote:
On Sun 31 October 2004 13:08, [KS] wrote:

Hello all,

I have noticed this behaviour in Firefox recently. When the cursor is
in the location bar and I press "Ctrl+U" to delete the text, Firefox
opens the "View Source" window. This is annoying as it changes a
basic linux shortcut's functionality.

Can't say I've ever understood this particular problem since Ctrl+L does essentially the same thing, and without having to select the address bar first as well. Or install the Diggler extension. I also dispute that this is a "basic linux shortcut" since it is in fact a vi shortcut. Mozilla uses a hodgepodge of both vi and emacs shortcuts in text areas in Linux.

I thought it was a basic linux shortcut as I could use it on a terminal on various Linux flavours I have tired. Didn't know that it actually came from Emacs.

It was working fine till 0.9.3 and the change has only happened in
0.10+ versions. Mozilla suite still kills the text in location bar
with Ctrl+U but Firefox has changed. Is it possible to revert back
the behaviour?
And now with this new version there is another package that I had to install, mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. I think why everyone suggested changing GNOME preferences.

See Mozilla bugs 189615 and 260188. This was changed because too many bugs were being filed on the old behaviour. I agree they're useful in text areas in the page itself, I'm far less convinced they're useful in the url and search bars since selecting the bar itself via keyboard shortcut selects the contents for overwriting.


From comment #18 of the latter:
...add the following two lines to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file:
include "/usr/share/themes/Emacs/gtk-2.0-key/gtkrc"
gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"

Tried that. Didn't work!

You should also be able to change it from the GNOME control centre somewhere (beats me where - I can't stand GNOME). What this means is that Firefox now respects whatever behaviour you have set GNOME and all GNOME apps to use, which in the end makes more sense.

I got another way to deal with the Ctrl+U thing. from b.m.o #189615 I learnt that intead of "selecting url, focusing in location bar, Ctrl+U, mouse middle click to paste url", I could just middle click in the body of a tab and it will open that url. Neat.

Thanks for all the suggestions,

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