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Re: USE flags ??

On Oct 26, 10:17, Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:
> During the early days of the Debian project, the members then did
> consider going source-based: provide the upstream source and a
> debianized patch after which the users would compile it themselves.But
> later on they did realize that a binary distribution would be more
> maintainable.

Thats interesting I will check the Debian archives for more details.  I
will admit that I am currently spending 90% of my time in Debian ATM
really like the new Sarge installer and answers many of my gripes
including great wifi support for all the old laptops I am installing 
and the partioning tools EVMS/LVM support is good.  Pet peeve sshd 
doesn't just work, sorry but I think it should. ;-)

Wish list is that it can be easily modifiable similar to Morphix and
that the initial boot has more troubleshooting tools.  I guess a more
"Live-CD" environment is what I hanker after but for each architecture.  

Where APT has the edge is all the add ons like apt-proxy it makes
managing a network of systems much easier.  I also think that the Debian
packaging system is quite lovely once you start to get your head around
it.  All said I think Debian and myself are going to be quite happy
together, though I'm polyamourous and it going to have to learn to
share. ;-P

If any of the Sarge DI crew are reading well done! :-)
Peace Jim :-)

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 To be alone is better than being with fools.
 --Pra Thepkavi

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