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Re: Debian unstable vs Ubuntu

On (26/10/04 15:17), Alex Polite wrote:
> So what's with this Ubuntu thing?
> I've read some reviews but they're all geared towards Mandrake users.
> How does it compare to the Debian unstable that I'm used to?
Hi Alex

I also use unstable and am very happy with it.  However, we've been
trying a few of the Debian derived distros for ease of installation
including Libranet, Ubuntu and Xandros.  So far Xandros seems to be the
easiest to install but is limited in terms of the packages available and
so you have to get into apt-pinning to ensure that non-Xandros debian
packages don't break your system.  I didn't get much beyond the install
for both Libranet and Ubuntu because IMHO the sarge d-i is as easy or
even easier to install than both of these.  I haven't had a chance to
play with Ubuntu and somewhat superficially took the view that if you've
got sarge installed (or even sid come to that) why mess around with a
derivative installation?

The main reason for this experimentation is to find a simple to install
distro that will suit your average windows user.  Xandros seems to fit
the bill as a fairly painless transition to Debian.  But I suspect that
to get the best functionality they will have to move on to sarge or sid
in due course.

Just my 2c



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